A uncluttered minimal Astro.js + Tailwind CSS theme designed for those who appreciate clarity and minimalism.

  • Astro.js version: 4.x
  • Theme version: 0.0.1

Dante’s straightforward design prioritizes essential elements and readability, resulting in a lightweight and efficient website.

This theme supports a markdown/MDX-powered blog, RSS feed, subscription form, tags, and tag pages, is SEO-friendly, and has dark and light color modes, etc.

Dante Theme Features

Light and Dark Color Version

When using the Dante Astro.js theme, you can select between two different color schemes: a dark option or a light option.

Dante Astro.js theme light and dark color version

Mobile-first responsive layout

The Dante theme is designed to adapt to screens of any size, whether it’s on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Dante Astro.js theme mobile menu

  • Hero section with bio
  • Portfolio collection
  • Pagination support
  • Post tags support
  • Subscription form
  • View transitions
  • Tailwind CSS
  • SEO-friendly with canonical URLs and OpenGraph data
  • Sitemap support
  • RSS Feed support
  • Markdown & MDX support